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Capital Concrete, Inc. stocks a wide variety of products including fiber mesh, expansion joint, control set, and other admixtures to enhance any project.   

Pouring in extreme weather conditions?  Add an accelerator or retarder to better control set times. What about colored concrete?  With our liquid color system, Capital can customize the color of the concrete to meet your specifications.  

Admixtures are chemicals, that when combined in the concrete mixture can enhance and/or alter the characteristics of ready mix concrete.  For example, Capital Concrete, Inc. has supplied the concrete to numerous projects, namely, Pier 7 at Naval Station Norfolk which is a dock for aircraft carriers and the boardwalk and sea wall at the Virginia Beach oceanfront, where the element of water played a critical role in designing a mix. 

CNI, an anti-corrosive used to protect the concrete and internal steel from the damage of water, enhances the longevity of the structure and helps prevent erosion.  Extreme weather conditions, hot and cold, can also wreck havoc on any project. By using admixtures known as accelerators and retarders, concrete set times can be controlled, thus allowing the contractor more flexibility during placement. 

Other products Capital Concrete, Inc. supplies include:  Fiber Mesh, Expantion Joint, Control Set, SIKA Admixtures, Steel Fiber, test cylinders, and plasticizer.

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Requiring over 48,000 yards of concrete, the parking garage at the Norfolk International Airport has a unique design that maximizes space.
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